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Man Has Shootout With 'Intruder' Only To Learn He's Actually His Wife's Secret Live-In Lover

Man Has Shootout With 'Intruder' Only To Learn He's Actually His Wife's Secret Live-In Lover
Mobile County Sheriff's Office

An Alabama household has left the Mobile suburb of Creola in perplexed shock following a shootout that erupted between homeowner Frank Reeves and Michael Amacker, whom Reeves thought was an intruder but is actually his wife's boyfriend who had secretly been living in his house the whole time.

But it gets weirder: Police believe Amacker entered the Reeves home as part of a "murder for hire" plot to kill Reeves so that he and Reeves' wife Tracey could be together.

Both Amacker and Tracey were high on meth at the time of the incident which even local law enforcement is calling "bizarre."

You can see local news coverage below.

Mobile County Sheriff's Captain Paul Burch told Mobile's WKRG it was the strangest thing he's seen in a 32-year police career in which he's "seen most everything."

The story got even weirder after police began investigating the Reeves' home.

After the shoot-out, which erupted at Tracey's behest, police discovered Amacker had been living in the Reeves' home long enough they found several bottles of urine stashed around the room, a detail that left even Burch mystified.

As he told Mobile's Fox 10 News:

"I've still yet to figure out how somebody can be staying in your house and you not know it."

Fair question!

Given the Reeves had just recently reunited after a separation, police believe the whole thing was a scheme to kill Frank Reeves so Amacker and Tracey could be together.

However, details remain murky because Tracey was so high on meth following the incident she was too "incoherent" to be interviewed by police.

But as Burch told WKRG, those details are unlikely to remain hidden for long given Reeves' and Amacker's meth use.

"...[P]eople that are on meth... they can't keep their mouth shut. So if there was some kind of diabolical plan, it is very possible Amacker has told some other people."

Sounds like this story is due to get even weirder soon.

But it was already plenty weird for people on Twitter.

Amacker was charged with attempted murder, possession of a controlled substance and possession of a firearm with an altered serial number.

Both men remain in the hospital.