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11-Year-Old Boy Shot By Cop Has One Heartbreaking Question For The Officer Who Did It

Aderrien Murry opened up to CNN about his terrifying ordeal after being shot by Sgt. Greg Capers in Mississippi.

CNN screenshot of Aderrien Murry

Aderrien Murry, an 11-year-old boy who was shot by a police officer who'd responded to his 911 call, has one pressing question for his assailant:

"Why did you do it?"

The incident occurred on May 20 when the child called 911 at the request of his mother, reporting an altercation involving his younger sister's father at their home in Indianola.

Sergeant Greg Capers, the responding officer, arrived at the scene with his firearm already drawn and ordered everyone out of the house. As Murry was complying with the instructions, he was shot in the chest.

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Murry shared the harrowing details of the incident that has left him traumatized.

You can hear what he said in the video below.

Murry described how he tried to follow the police commands but ended up being shot despite his cooperation.

Murry recounted Capers ordering everyone to exit the house with their hands up, and he recalled hearing a big bang:

"Then I just remember holding my chest.”

The innocent 11-year-old never anticipated the shocking turn of events that would change his life and said he is experiencing significant trauma:

“Sometimes, I can see myself laying inside the coffin. Those are my thoughts at night, my only ones. Sometimes I think people are watching me. But my main thought is me dead, inside the coffin.”

Then, addressing Capers directly, he said:

“Why did you do it? I could have lost my life, all because of you."

Murry faces the physical and emotional toll of his injuries, which include a collapsed lung, lacerated liver, and fractured ribs.

Seeking justice for their son, his family has filed a lawsuit against the Indianola Police Department and Capers. Currently, Capers has been suspended with pay pending an investigation. Murry's attorney, Carlos Moore, confirmed the legal action and stated that the boy desires to see the officer terminated from his job.

The interview quickly went viral and many were moved by the sight of the child who has been shattered by the violent encounter, raising serious questions about the actions of law enforcement and the lasting consequences for innocent victims.

Many have reignited their calls for accountability.

During the same interview, Nakala Murry expressed gratitude for her son's survival but emphasized the importance of justice in the situation, which includes improved training for police officers and the termination of Capers.

The mother questioned whether it would have been safer to refrain from calling the police in the first place.