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11-Year-Old Boy Recovering After Calling 911—Only To Be Shot By Responding Officer

Mississippi mom Nakala Murry said her son Aderrien asked 'why did he shoot me?' after a police officer with his firearm already drawn shot him in the chest after entering their home.

Aderrien Murry
Attorney Carlos Moore

A mom in Mississippi is calling for just action to be taken after an incident where her 11-year-old son had called 911 and—instead of receiving help—was shot by the officer who arrived.

Nakala Murry had asked her son Aderrien to call 911 when her ex-boyfriend came to her home as things got out of line.

Instead, the officer showed up with his gun already drawn and fired into Aderrien's chest when the 11-year-old came around the corner from his bedroom into the living room at the request of the officer.

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The family's attorney said Aderrien suffered a collapsed lung, lacerated liver and fractured ribs.

Nakala Murry shared:

“He ran to me. He was bleeding. I held him."
“He bled out the mouth. Every time I close my eyes, I see it.”

The officer was suspended as an investigation began.

Aderrien was sent home from the hospital, "physically still in pain, but...happy to be alive." Murry plans to bring suit against the officer, the city and the city's police chief.

People were happy Aderrien is still alive, against the odds.

People were justifiably outraged.

The outrage was placed firmly on law enforcement—both the individual officer and law enforcement in American society.

Someone pointed out training for police in the USA continues to be a lot shorter than other countries.


Aderrien is home and recovering.

His family and the community are demanding police release the unedited bodycam footage.