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800-Pound Bison Does A "Happy Dance" In Celebration Of The First Day Of Spring—And Same

North Carolina Zoo/Facebook

When winter is away, this 800-pound bison comes out to play.

That's right, everyone, spring is here! Chances are you've been doing your happy dance in anticipation of warmer temperatures.

I already did mine. It looked sort of like this:

But our own happiness cannot compare to that of Calf, an 800-pound American bison that galloped across an open prairie at the North Carolina Zoo on the first day of spring.

"Our bison at the North Carolina Zoo is doing her happy dance for the first day of spring!" the zoo captioned a 48-second video on its Facebook page.

Look at Calf go! All we can say to that is "Same." We feel that happiness in our souls.

Calf is one of the zoo's four American Bison, a small herd of females between 10 and 20 years old. The others are named Libby, Lucy and Nohorn, who, you guessed it, literally has no horns.

The North Carolina Zoo is known for its playful video updates. Last summer, it filmed Lucy taking rapper Drake's "Kiki" dance challenge. (You remember, the one where people walked alongside their moving cars and ended up hurting themselves?)

Thankfully Lucy was a lot more graceful.

North Carolina Zoo Bison #KikiChallenge #InMyFeelingsChallenge

We clearly need to take some lessons from these two.