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Ted Cruz's 2016 Prediction About Trump Attacking Denmark Is Going Viral

Ted Cruz's 2016 Prediction About Trump Attacking Denmark Is Going Viral
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People were flummoxed when news broke that President Donald Trump expressed interest in purchasing the self-governing country of Greenland, which falls under the kingdom of Denmark.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen dismissed the idea as "absurd."

Trump then abruptly canceled a state visit to Denmark that was scheduled for next week, calling Frederiksen "nasty" after she said that the United States purchasing Greenland was a nonstarter.

It may seem unbelievable that Trump is planting seeds for a feud with our Danish allies, but it hasn't always been unthinkable.

During the Republican primaries ahead of the 2016 election, Senator and then-candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) made a startling prediction about how Donald Trump would conduct himself in office.

The prediction hasn't come true yet, but with these new developments, we've definitely moved closer to it.

Watch below.

In the video, Cruz is asked about Trump's penchant for erratic and unbecoming tweets.

"I wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing Donald has tweeted," Cruz said, "because he's losing it. Look, we need a Commander in Chief. Not a Twitterer in chief. We need someone with judgment and the temperament to keep this country safe."

Cruz continued.

"I don't know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who behaves this way having his finger on the button. I mean, we're liable to wake up one morning and Donald—if he were president—would have nuked Denmark. That's not the temperament of a leader to keep this country safe."

People were surprised at the prescience of his prediction.

Cruz and Trump have a somewhat complicated relationship.

Over the course of the 2016 Republican primary, 17 candidates dropped to just two: Cruz and Trump. This led to a bitter rivalry which saw Trump accuse Cruz's father of assisting the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Trump also insulted the looks of Cruz's wife, Heidi Cruz.

Nevertheless, Cruz endorsed Trump after Trump formally accepted the Republican nomination for President at the Republican National Convention. In the years since, Cruz has unwaveringly defended and enabled the man who used to insult him and his family so bitterly.

For many, the standout aspect of the video wasn't Cruz's foresight, but his spinelessness.

Naturally, Trump has done a complete 180 since Cruz finally bowed down.

Life comes at you fast.

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