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This Video Of Zoe Saldana Putting On Her Gamora Lipstick Is The Green Meme We've All Been Waiting For

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Zoe Saldana plays Gamora, a space assassin who just happens to be green (a pretty normal thing out in space).

Though fans don't think much about it, playing a green person means paying attention to all the little details. Green lipstick, for instance.

In a recent Instagram video, Zoe Saldana showed herself getting into character, applying some green lipstick. The video quickly went viral, and has been given the meme-treatment by Twitter.

The meme (on of Twitter's silliest) is fairly simple: the video of Saldana applying lipstick represents a green thing preparing to do whatever it does best.

The joke is far easier to understand when seen in action.

These green things can't wait to go out and hit a night on the town!

Pop culture references abounded at every turn!

Some jokes were darker than others, but all of them fit the meme format!

Well...almost all of them.

Twitter found the memes hilarious, and couldn't help but love Zoe Saldana all the more.

The memes went on seemingly forever!

If there's one thing Twitter will never tire of, it's a dumb meme that makes very little sense. Thanks for making it all possible, Zoe!