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YouTuber Hit With Backlash For Dyeing His Girlfriend's Skin Blue In 'Humiliating' Prank


YouTuber Kristen Hanby is under fire after playing a prank on his girlfriend which almost entirely dyed her skin blue.

Hanby, in a video posted to TikTok, drew his girlfriend a bath and filled the tub with fabric dye. When Jasmine, his girlfriend, got out of the bath, she was almost entirely blue from the shoulders down.

Folks are criticizing Hanby for humiliating his girlfriend for the sake of social engagement.

In order to reverse the damage done, Hanby's girlfriend would have to take a bath filled with baking soda. However, since baking soda is a "mildly abrasive" substance, this could cause further skin issues.

Jasmine Woodward, his girlfriend, has pranked him back in the past, as Hanby has posted on his Instagram.

However, folks are still not okay with him using potentially harmful chemicals in the guise of a nice gesture, for fear of it normalizing domestic abuse against women.

Hanby has yet to comment on the video. Woodward looked less than happy with him in the final shot, but we don't know how she's going to get him back yet.

If they're still together after this, that is.