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YouTuber's Dramatic Reaction To His Wife Falling Off A 'Cliff' Naturally Gets The Meme Treatment

YouTuber's Dramatic Reaction To His Wife Falling Off A 'Cliff' Naturally Gets The Meme Treatment
Shonduras / YouTube @sprtnght / Twitter

Okay look, we know what you're thinking... what kind of monster laughs at a woman falling off a cliff!?

Well, nobody, but lots of people will giggle at a man who dramatizes an already scary tumble off of a trail by touting it as his wife falling off of a "cliff."

YouTube star Shonduras (Shaun McBride) went on a vacation to Hawaii with his wife and one of their children. They brought along a film crew, obviously, considering their jobs.

While walking along a trail one day, his wife, Jenny, took a tumble. She stepped wrong, rolled her ankle and slid down the side of the embankment.

She grabbed for plants, roots or anything to break her fall but gravity had a hold of her, and she ended up falling about 15 feet total.

Jenny landed on a beach covered in jagged rocks.

@Shonduras / YouTube

Like we said, the fall was certainly terrifying. Nobody is arguing that point.

People just took issue with Shaun promoting the moment as his wife falling off of a cliff. Why wasn't the real story enough?

Shaun further dove into the drama by telling media outlets that:

"We want Jenny's near-death experience to be motivation for you guys to make every single day the best day ever and make life the best ever because it can just change like that."

Near death experience?

Sure it was terrifying, but even Jenny admits she came out of it with little more than a few bruises.

The internet roasting was so bad that the YouTube star removed his tweet about it and changed the title of the YouTube video from "Jenny Fell Off A Cliff" to "Jenny Fell Off The Trail."

Comments for the video were also disabled.

You can watch the YouTube video here:

JENNY FELL OFF THE TRAIL.. scary moment for our

If you don't have the time to watch a nearly 20-minute video, here is the pertinent bit:

Changing the name and disabling the comments wasn't enough for Twitter to drop the marshmallows and stop the proverbial roasting though. They were having way too much fun with it.


Of course we've got examples.

Shaun's overly-dramatic tweet about the incident inspired people all around the world to share some of their favorite "world changing near death experiences."

Even celebs jumped in on the "Cliff Wife" action.

And more than a few people had some serious questions and concerns about Shaun...

So what do you think:


Attempted murder?

YouTubers being YouTubers?

All of the above?

Who knows really, but we got a new meme moment. So, yay?