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Sobering Video Of A Young Girl Giving Active Shooter Advice To Adults Prompts A Stark Reflection On 'Generation Lockdown'

On April 29, March for Our Lives released a new video in which a group of adults are given advice on how to hold a successful lockdown in the event of an active shooter.

Their instructor was someone well-versed in proper lockdown behavior, who had given large amounts of thought to the possibility of a school shooter: Kayleigh, a young student whose school holds regular lockdown drills.

As Kayleigh advised the adults on the importance of silence and barricading the door, the adults were heartbroken at the reality of a world where such a young girl needed to know these things.

Children go to school to learn, not to fear for their lives.

Countless people on Twitter spoke up, speaking about the terrifying fears children in America are forced to deal with because we refuse to take action and stop the epidemic of gun violence.

An entire generation is growing up under the threat of unexpected violence.

Lockdowns aren't a solution to the problem, they're a last-ditch hope of saving lives once the threat of violence is on your doorstep.

Schools should not have to be a place students fear for their lives.

The hashtag #GenerationLockdown is trending on Twitter as adults and children alike discuss gun violence in America and what could be done to fix it.

Many Twitter users were chilled by the video and the stories that were inspired by it.

#GenerationLockdown deserves better than childhoods tinged with violence, and learning environments should be a place where no one fears for their lives.

Whatever action is necessary to make these children safe should be our first priority as a culture.