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The Worst Things People Have Ever Seen At A Wedding

Reddit user morrgannicole asked: 'what's the worst thing you've seen at a wedding?'

Newly married couple posing during a photoshoot

Wedding days are beautiful celebrations of a couple's love, their commitment to each other, and the very first day of the rest of their lives together.

But goodness, sometimes weddings can be really weird, too.

Sometimes, brides and grooms make questionable choices regarding decorations, food, clothing, and other important decisions for their special day, and those choices tend to be some of the worst things attendees have ever seen at a wedding.

Redditor morrgannicole asked:

"What's the worst thing you've seen at a wedding?"

No Longer White

"It was an overcast day, had rained earlier but the weather was clearing up. The bride and groom went to take some photos after the ceremony. A kid, probably six or seven, unsupervised, ran up to a puddle the bride was carefully walking past and jumped in it."

"Her dress had mud splatter all the way up to her shoulder. I felt so bad for her."

- True_Panic_3369


"I used to be a wedding registrar. I conducted one wedding where the bride’s father had passed away the year before. The ceremony was held outside in a venue’s walled garden, upon entering the garden to take their seats the guests were met by a skeleton which was dressed up in the father of the bride’s clothes and asked to shake his hand……!!!"

- mummavixen

"If that's something the father of the bride would want, I'd find that very amusing."


- Funandgeeky

Standing Up for His Wife

"My SIL (Sister-in-Law) told us about a wedding she was at where the bride and the groom’s mother did not get along. The groom was a workmate of my SIL's husband and all the work friends knew there was some tension between the two, but did not expect anything to happen. The ceremony went off OK. The groom’s mother gave a few killing looks, but nothing was said."

"At the reception, she started drinking and making comments to her relatives and friends, loud enough for other people and the bride to hear. The groom spoke to her and she quietened down. During the toasts, she made loud noises every time the bride's name was said, but she was mostly ignored. She kept drinking and moving around, talking to different people while the dancing was on."

"She was sitting at a different table when the bridesmaids brought around pieces of the wedding cake. She told them she didn’t want any. Bridesmaid said she would just leave some on the table for the people who were sitting there, and put some on the table.

"The groom’s mother shouted, 'I told you I don’t want any f**king wedding cake' and with that swept the pieces of cake off the table with the back of her hand. The cake landed on the chief bridesmaid, who shouted back. The groom’s mother jumped up, slapped the bridesmaid, and then other people joined in defending their chosen side."

"My SIL had seen this all happen and was eagerly watching from the sidelines. The groom and his best man stopped the music, stopped the brawling, and split everyone up."

"He said, 'That’s it. Weddings over. Thank you all for coming. And Mum, I never want to see you again.' He grabbed the bride by the hand and walked out. My SIL's husband decided it was time for them to leave in case things kicked off again."

- CoveredInCDHair


"We went to a wedding where everything went well. We got to the reception, and the alcohol was flowing. My husband and I drank and got on the dance floor. The groom's side was very proper while the bride's side was quite the opposite."

"Everyone was dancing when, all of a sudden, the bride's cousin grabbed the mic and said, 'This song is dedicated to your wedding night.' He motioned for everyone to clear the dance floor and cued the DJ. Madonna’s 'Justify My Love' started playing as the cousin started crawling and rolling on the floor while lip-syncing."

"It was easily the most awkward moment while everyone stood there watching his overly sexual performance. The song finally ended and it was dead silence. I will never forget this moment."

- secretagentsquirrel1

Almost a Real-Life "Ross and Rachel" Moment

"The pastor went through and updated the bride’s name in her script but didn’t accurately change the script for the groom. Sometimes he was John, others Matt, occasionally Mike."

"The groom had to say, 'My name is Steve,' when the pastor said, 'Repeat after me: I, David, take you…'"

- othybear

"My maiden name is a common man’s first name, like 'Jennifer James.' They just got mixed up and said, 'I, Jennifer, take you, James, to be my husband.' I realized right away and said, 'I, Jennifer, take you, MICHAEL, to be my husband.'"

"It got a laugh from the crowd. I was glad for the break because my husband’s eyes were getting all watery and it was making me start to cry, which I didn’t want to, so it helped us not to cry from emotions."

- MyNameIsNooo

So Many Red Flags

"Outdoor wedding. The bride gently fed the wedding cake to her new husband."

"The groom shoved cake at his new bride's face so hard that it broke one of her teeth. He kept pushing her until she tripped and fell over backward. She broke her wrist when she tried to stop the fall. There was blood dripping from her mouth."

"The groom's father then began to beat the living s**t out of his own son. Good times."

- neal144

A Reception and a Wake

"The bride's grandfather died while she was walking down the aisle. The ambulance was there in less than five minutes, but the paramedics called it after resuscitation failed."

"They removed the body and, after a brief period of consultation and people pulling themselves together, the wedding ceremony went ahead. No exaggeration, the time between Granddad hitting the floor and the ceremony restarting was less than 45 minutes."

"I did not attend the reception, but I heard from others that it was a rager."

- coldfarm

"As a grandpa, that is what I would have wanted. I would feel bad enough dying at my grandchild's wedding; I would be devastated if they decided to cancel their special day just because I died. Cancelling the wedding will not magically bring me back to life, so the show must go on."

"Also, if I die and people have vacations planned exams, or other events, I would want them to go ahead with it instead of attending my funeral. I'd be dead, so I'm not going to notice if they are there or not, so it is no disrespect for me. Life is for the living, not the dead."

- JonBlondJovi

Four Weddings and...

"Outdoor summer wedding in Texas. The groom's 90-year-old grandmother died during the reception. They found out when she couldn't be roused for family pictures."

- Gibe2

"My neighbor (55 Female) died DURING family photos at her daughter's wedding. So sad."

- Green-been77

"My dad's friend died of a heart attack during the father/daughter dance at her wedding."

- Affectionate-Taste55

...Excuse Me?

"They were charging two dollars for a piece of the wedding cake."

- BoopleSnoot8772

Decorations Gone WRONG

"Late to the party but this has to be shared."

"Bride used old film strips from movie edits/cast-offs for decor in the table centerpieces. Flowers and film strips at a quirky fun wedding, looked great right?"

"She had picked up the box for free and didn’t really look at it. Some of the strips were from schlocky sci-fi nonsense."

"Most of them were adult videos."

- Hereibe

"I'm laughing at the idea of everyone at the tables holding film strips up to the light and looking at them VERY intensely."

- 0neirocritica


"At the afterparty, the groom spent the whole night watching a basketball game on TV at the bar. He couldn't even be bothered to turn around and say hi to any of the guests. He just sat there at the bar, eyes fixed on the TV the whole time."

"When it was time for him to make a speech, he just said, 'You know, this was supposed to be a special day, but [my team] lost, so I f**king hate it! F**k all of you! This sucks!'"

"Needless to say, that marriage lasted all of a week or two."

- big-maestro

Compensation Required

"Husband and I used to play in a ceilidh band, and we played for many weddings. At one truly memorable one, the bride and groom were already very drunk when we arrived to set up, and they pretty much disappeared for the evening."

"Their two families sat on opposite sides of the marquee with their backs to each other all night, and nobody from one side spoke to the other. Not a soul danced all evening, so we just played our music amongst ourselves. Goodness knows what the history was between them!"

"At the end of the night, the best man tried to leave without paying us, so our dance caller had to chase him across a field in the dark to get our fee off him."

"I've often wondered how long that marriage lasted."

- Ethel-The-Aardvark

Her Worst Nightmare: Unlocked

"My cousin was having a beach wedding and we got there early to set up the sun shelter and make an 'aisle.' Awkwardly, there was a woman sunbathing topless, sound asleep, right near where we had to set it up."

"We held out for her to wake up on her own, but then as guests and the groom arrived, everyone else agreed that I was the one who had to approach her. I don't know what I've done in the past that the entire family agreed without much discussion that I was the only person who could deal with this!"

"I got as far as saying, 'Excuse me' very quietly, and she woke up with a start, found herself next to a gazebo and flower arrangements and people dressed for a wedding, and she just grabbed her stuff and fled."

"She probably wondered later if it was all just a dream that she found herself half-naked at a wedding."

- DrunkOnRedCordial

What a Day

"All at the same wedding:"

"The groom didn't show up until an hour late. The tux did not fit him at all."

"The bride and groom's toddler son was allowed to play with a toy truck during the ceremony around the feet of the bridal party. At one point, he lifted the toy truck and slammed it into the shin of one of the bridesmaids, drawing blood, and interrupting the proceedings for a good 10 minutes."

"Not to be outdone, the groom started to look unwell. He passed out, falling down a small set of stairs."

"Upon regaining consciousness, he ran out of the small church out the back. 10 minutes went by, then 20."

"He returned with his tux shirt pulled out, unbuttoned, and wide open, baring chest hair and a gut."

"He returned to the bride, and they finished the ceremony with him like that."

- flat5

The Wedding Bouncer

"One of my older cousin's weddings: about mid-way through the reception, a small group of crashers made their way in. They managed to score a few drinks and then were asked to leave by someone."

"The leader of their group decided to get mouthy, like over the music loud, about not leaving because f**k someone or something."

"Well, the best man went over and just picked him up and carried him out the exit."

"The best man was and still is to this day one of the biggest men I have ever seen, like six-foot-ten and pushing tree-fity of cornfed farmboy. Needless to say, the crashers followed very quietly behind him. Funny as all h**l!"

- Federal_Complaint_96

From funny to terrible and tragic to absolutely cringey, these were a great reminder that the things that can go wrong at a wedding may not always be the bride and groom's fault, but rather the company they've kept.