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Woman Who Booked An Entire Row Of Seats On A Crowded Airplane Just For Her Broken Leg Asks If She's In The Wrong For Not Giving Up The Extra Seats

Woman Who Booked An Entire Row Of Seats On A Crowded Airplane Just For Her Broken Leg Asks If She's In The Wrong For Not Giving Up The Extra Seats
Julian Ward / Getty Images

When an individual is injured, it makes absolute sense they would make accommodations to be more comfortable.

Even on a flight, they might go so far as to reserve a row of seats.

But when they're asked to give those seats up, to accommodate other passengers, should they still prioritize comfort?

Reddit user "super_poggielicious" shared the story of how she purchased an entire row of seats on her flight, to elevate her broken leg, but was expected to give those seats up for a couple who wanted to sit together.

She posted on the "Am I the A$hole?" subReddit, explaining the situation and how she chose to handle it.

The Reddit user explained first her seating arrangement and why it made sense for her situation.

"I [a 32 year-old female] broke my leg in two places a couple of months ago and was placed in a full leg cast. I took convalescent leave and decided to fly to my home state. I'm originally from CA but stationed in NC this is relevant so everyone understands the time frame for the flight in question."
"To avoid any added pain and to be able to prop my leg up I paid for the entire row of seats. Thank God for miles points. Flying can cause swelling so I wanted to alleviate it for myself as much as possible. When I got onto my flight I sat in the window seat and stretched my leg out across the seats."

But apparently her plans didn't make sense to everyone else on the plane.

"When everyone else started boarding a couple approached me asking if anyone was sitting next to me. I said no, no one is sitting next to me because I bought out the entire row of seats."
"So the husband (an older man maybe mid-40s?) asked if they could use the vacant seats because he wanted to sit next to his wife. I POLITELY told him I'm sorry sir but no I need them that's why I paid for all three. He kept at it but I stood firm that these were my seats."

When the couple didn't get what they wanted, they decided to get reinforcements.

"The called the flight attendant came over because we were starting to make a scene and asked me to put my leg down and not occupy the other seats. I again explained I paid for all three seats and showed her the tickets."

The flight attendant took a surprising stance on the matter.

"She told me while I did pay for the seats I was being rather selfish as it was a booked up flight and said couldn't I just be more accommodating to others."

The Reddit user was, of course, furious.

"I was extremely pi$ed off at this point I mean it was blatant I had a broken leg. I told her no I'm not going up my seats not sitting together is the risk you take if you book late. I pointed down at my cast and said shouldn't you be more accomodating to me actually considering I'm the one with an obvious medical issue?"

The couple and flight attendant left, but not before getting in the last word.

"They left calling me a selfish b***h. But I don't think I was I paid for all three seats so I wouldn't inconvenience anyone else."
"I've talked it over with some friends and most are on my side while others have said I was a bit of an AH I should have just given up the seats and sucked it up. But it was a 5+ hour flight for f**k's sake."

She shared her story on Reddit, where others were quick to comment on the validity of her decision.

"[Not The A$hole] (NTA). You paid for those seats. You paid ridiculously expensive airline prices for those seats. For the duration of that flight, those were your seats."
"Anyone who would expect you to give them up is an a$hole AND an id**t."
"The overly entitled couple who wanted to take your seats are a$holes. Your 'friends' who think you were an a$hole for not throwing your money away and enduring a lot of discomfort to convenience a pair of a$holes who had not even offered to reimburse you for your seats are also a$holes and maybe not your friends after all."
"Any airline employee who would try to pressure you to give up seats you paid for without full compensation? Also a$holes." - WayiiTM
"So you have to PAY for other people's convenience? F that. You didn't shell out money for extra seats so you can be in pain while someone else could benefit. I would've told them to pay me back for those seats if they truly wanted to be fair, if not then be on your merry way!" - theOGlauroxx
"I would most definitely make a formal complaint. The whole consideration thing on a plane is BS. I can understand helping whenever possible, but someone else's failure to plan doesn't mean I have to change my comfort to accommodate."
"That's the whole point that I planned in advance. So I wouldn't have to be that jerk trying to last-minute hustle for that which I didn't have the wherewithal to prepare." - PineappIeSuppository
"File a complaint ! If they had something against you paying for all three seats for yourself, they shouldn't have let you pay for them... they just wanted you to be in pain and pay triple for one seat because..... of some other people's bad planning and inability to sit alone for a while? F**k that couple and the flight attendant. I would make a complaint so quick" - PrettyOddWoman

Reddit seems to be in agreement: a passenger with a broken leg should not be expected to give up seats they have already paid for.

The couple and the flight attendant could have handled the situation differently, as well, especially since sitting separately throughout the duration of a flight is not the worst thing in the world.

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