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Woman Loved iPhones So Much She Was Buried Beneath A Giant Monument Of One 😮

Photo via East2West News, Twitter

It would be really cool to have a customizable headstone so that you could be buried underneath a monument of something you really loved. One woman in Russia was given one such a monument...a giant iPhone. Ain't 2018 a time?

Take a look at the headstone:

Rita Shameeva, who tragically passed away at the young age of 25, was memorialized as a photo on an iPhone screen, documenting her love for the technology in life.

According to The Sun, it is made from black basalt. The back is mirrored, much like a real iPhone, with the apple symbol.

The piece was put on the grave two years after Shameeva's death by her grieving father, Rais Shameev.

It is unknown where the piece came from. It is believed to have been a Siberian company that reportedly specializes in "death accessories."

If you're curious to take a gander for yourself, you'll have to travel to Ufa, a city in the southern part of central part Russia, near the border of Kazakhstan.

What would your special tombstone be?

H/T: The Sun, Twitter