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Woman's Instructional Video On Making Bread Takes A Hilariously Disastrous Turn As She Gets A Face Full Of Flour

Woman's Instructional Video On Making Bread Takes A Hilariously Disastrous Turn As She Gets A Face Full Of Flour
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While this pandemic has ruined nearly everything, the undisputed star of all this self-isolation is the baking of bread.

Have you ever seen so many people baking bread in your life?

People are out here naming their sourdough starters like they're actual progeny. Who knew?

But with this newfound love for breadmaking comes the equally prevalent baking mishaps. And a lady is going viral this week for precisely that, when her attempt to teach us her methods ended with her catapulting a bowl of flour into her face.

The video starts off normally enough. The woman, speaking in Spanish, forms a ball of dough in her sun-drenched kitchen, sprinkles it with flour and begins rolling it out with her rolling pin, as you do. The first two little passes go fine—all is well.

But then she applies the necessary pressure and... well, it all devolves into a slapstick gag from a classic sitcom.

The stunned look on her face as she says "Perdón!" ("Sorry!") yells at the cameraman to "Corten! Corten!" ("Cut! Cut!")—apparently along with some good ol' Spanish profanity, according to the New York Post—is some of the most hilarious stuff the internet has ever served us.

What a blessing for these times.

The video is just the latest in a slew of viral pandemic baking exploits, from hilarious successes like this almost too realistic toilet paper cake, to countless disastrous "baking fails," like this burst banana bread concoction that, well, looks like a pan full of animal excrement.

As for this newest chapter in failed bread attempts, the Spanish title of which hilariously translates to "The new way to make bread," it has been viewed well over 9 million times as of this writing, with more than half a million shares and some 77,000 comments.

Suffice to say it has hit a few funnybones on the internet.

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Moral of the story: Be careful out there, bakers, and always make sure your cutting board is properly secured.

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