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Woman's Home 'Trashed' After Raccoon Crashes Through Her Ceiling And Invites All Its Friends


There are several animals you never want invading your home, but raccoons are at the top of the list.

As little scavengers, they have a reputation for making messes: overturning garbage pails to eat leftover food, or ripping through a bag of chips that someone from last weekend's barbecue may have accidentally left outside.

The only thing worse than one raccoon in your house?

Many raccoons in your house.

Poor Haley Iliff came home from a trip to New York to find an open hole in her ceiling and a raccoon roaming about her house.

Because the hole in the ceiling was open straight through to the sky, more and more raccoons found their way into the house, and as it is illegal to remove them, have made the house an absolute trashy mess.

But it seems her experience is not uncommon and raccoons invade people's houses fairly often.

While others recounted some more positive experiences with their area raccoons:

Eventually, the raccoons were safely and humanely removed from Iliff's home, effectively ending her ordeal:

And people shared their relief that the little critters were safe and sound, but also out of Iliff's house:

The creatures are now living rent-free at a private lakeside property, ultimately showing that no matter the situation, the raccoons will always come out on top.