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Woman Hatches Duckling After Finding Cracked Egg And Incubating It In Her Cleavage For 35 Days

junebug878787 / Reddit

During such an emotional and uncertain time as this, it's important to savor what's good and right in this world.

Who knew that the story of a woman saving a duckling egg by storing it in her bra for a month as an incubator would be exactly what we needed right now.

The woman, Reddit user "junebug878787," shared her very sweet story on the "Aww" sub-Reddit and people were loving it.

Along with a series of photos, including the cracked egg, with a shell so thin you could see the fetus, JuneBug gave us a quick rundown of the situation:

"Saved a cracked egg! Carried it in my bra for 35 days. It was born prematurely he was still attached to the yolk and it was not absorbed so I got a wet paper towel and applied antibiotic on its cord and tummy twice a day. Surprised he didn't die."

junebug878787 / Reddit

Reddit was, of course, overwhelmed with the cuteness and this woman's ability to save a life.

"This is....almost wtf material. You kept an egg in your bra for 35 days straight? Holy." - mcmur
"That is amazing, you're an angel." - Marco7746
"Your a momma duck now" - Blackbeard97
"You're a hero for saving him." - UStoJapan
"The sheer f**king commitment this took. I applaud you" - darkpmc
"This is seriously next level Disney Princess." - Bellamudgeon
"This is so wholesome. The world needs people like you!" - grv7437

But how did it work exactly? Inquiring minds...

"I did use a sports bra and I'm a chubby girl so it worked I even slept with it when it started peeling from inside the egg is when I rigged a lamp and plastic container with a 1 gallon baggie on it so I can keep replacing water because they said they needed humidity to hatch." - junebug878787

She also brought to the thread's attention that this little duck was the only survivor.

The woman explained in a comment:

"Some kids smashed all the duck nests at our park this was the only egg saveable." - junebug878787

She was asked if the duckling imprinted on her. Spoiler: yeah he did.

"He followed me around and when I left the house he would scream driving my husband crazy I eventually made a carrier and took him with me when I went places" - junebug878787

And of course, Reddit wanted to know if she named him.

To this, she replied:

"His name is thawn. Someone from the flash my kids named him but he went to a wonderful farm nearby. This is the craziest thing I've done with a rescue and I've bottle fed everything from kittens to skunks." - junebug878787

And she also found Thawn a very good home.

"I found him a great farm near me so I can visit. I would have kept him if I wasn't in a small place because they need other ducks to be around. I get to see him often." - junebug878787

As if it weren't heartwarming enough that JuneBug saved the little duck's life, he even gets to chill at a farm with other ducks where momma can come visit?

Like I said: just what we needed today.