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Woman Tells Family To 'Go Back To Your Brown Country', Then Says She Can't Be Racist Because She's Married To Black Man

Woman Tells Family To 'Go Back To Your Brown Country', Then Says She Can't Be Racist Because She's Married To Black Man

A viral TikTok video exposed a White woman in a parking lot altercation telling a Hispanic family 'Go back to your brown country' before claiming she can't be racists because her husband is a Black man.

The video shared by @lilly_esmeralda showed the scene between the couple and the woman in New Caney, Texas. The argument seemed to be over damages of the woman's car.

It begins with Esmeralda walking up to the woman and asking her what she was trying to get her husband to tell her.


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She responded with:

"Your husband kicked my sh*t in, I didn't damage y'all's car."

In a matter of moments and with insults exchanged, including the White woman calling Esmeralda's husband a "pussy," the argument escalated to the woman slapping the phone out of her hand. It can clearly be seen in the slow motion replay in the shadow of her hand on the ground.

In the follow up videos, Esmeralda's husband explained that the woman in her large truck was about to hit their car multiple times, which prompted him to honk his horn.

She proceeded to get out of the car and yell at him for the honking saying she "knew what she was doing," and could see she was not going to hit their car because of the back up cameras.

He continued:

"Before she walked off, she kicked [our] car."
"So I got mad and kicked her truck back. Which, I put a dent in it."
"From there she started asking for our insurance for the vehicle, and all that, which I told her we had."
"But she started being racists and saying that I probably don't have [any] papers, and saying that I probably can't even afford insurance and that our car was pretty much a piece of sh*t."

He explained that the woman was threatening and looking like she would hit him. That's when he called his wife and got back into his car.


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In another explanation video, Esmeralda shared that her husband called to explain that the woman was threatening him and their child in the back of the car was afraid.

After the woman hit Esmeralda and she dropped her phone, she backed away knowing that she was in the wrong for striking her. Esmeralda was ready to fight, but suddenly a huge crowd of people were watching and many started separating them.

When the White woman tried to claim that Esmeralda hit her first, they explained that they got it on video.

Her response:

"Go back to your brown country, b*tches."

When they called her out for being racist, she screamed:

"I'm married to a Black man, you a**holes!"


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The comments came flooding in after both parts of the video reached over 4.3 million views.



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Esmeralda claimed that she pressed charges against the woman, so we can surely expect an update when after the hearing.