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Black TikToker Stunned After White Woman Tells Her She Can't Use Dog Park Behind Her Own House


Two videos went viral showing a TikTok of a White woman trying to keep a Black woman from using the dog park behind the Black woman's home.

The TikToker @johnehall shared a video with over 961 thousand views of an older White woman standing on the outside of the dog park with her dog just simply staring at the woman as she recorded.

The audio over the video hilariously said:

"When you're Black you're never really lonely because there will always be a White person all up in your business."

The caption of this video said:

"Just trying to use the dog park behind my house that I've used for years—she says I'M not allowed to use it."

Just trying to use the dog park behind my house that I’ve used for years 😂 she says IM not allowed to use it 🤦🏽‍♀️ #karen #toofunny #notfazedtho

Comments on TikTok had theories about the gatekeeping woman.





You couldn't hear what the woman said in this video, but soon a follow up video was posted of the woman being confronted.


Reply to @johnehall just tryna smoke a j n walk my dogs damm😞🤣#karen #toofunny #notfazedtho

In this video, with over 2.4 million views, the White woman is then confronted by Johné Hall's family.

The woman defending Hall said to the White woman:

"You need to stop harassing my kids, stop videotaping them, stop calling the police on them."
"Do not send me any more cards in the mail apologizing for your actions and the way you act towards my children."

The man there to defend Hall chimed in:

"Because you're still doing it."

The video finished with her saying:

"Everybody says, 'She's a retired school teacher,' but they don't understand the interactions you have with my children when nobody else is around."
"You wanna get slapped with a civil suit? Keep f'king with kids and that's what's going to happen."

The comments were cheering on the woman who really showed up for Hall and were appalled by the things this White woman was accused of doing.








TikTok has been a platform where viral videos expose White people, more specifically White women, falsely accusing people of color of committing crimes they didn't commit and gatekeeping access to public spaces.

Some even go as far as to call the police, which can be a life threatening situation for Black people.