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Stranger Throws Tantrum After Seattle Woman Dares To Hang Up Pride And BLM Flags On Her Own Fence

Stranger Throws Tantrum After Seattle Woman Dares To Hang Up Pride And BLM Flags On Her Own Fence

A pair of recent viral videos showed a Seattle woman blowing a gasket as she walked past a homeowner who was hanging flags about various social issues on the homeowner's own fence.

The flags, which called for an end to gun violence, pushed for LGBTQ+ rights, and avowed support for Black Lives Matter, were evidently so infuriating to the passerby she screamed profanities at the homeowner for several moments as she slowly made her way down the block and across the street.

The owner of the flags—who took the verbal abuse like an experienced pro—filmed the incident and shared it online.

In the first video, which racked up over three million views on TikTok, the angry woman could be seen pointing at the homeowner and launching into a tirade.

"You're outta here. You're outta here...Put your little signs up you little instigating c*nt."

In response, the owner of the flags said:

"You're calling me an instigator but you walked past my house. You walked past my house."

She added:

"Oh my gosh! You are a peach. Bye sweetie, you have a blessed day. Bless your heart!

The angry woman shouted the entire time.

Thankfully, she was walking away and the words were largely unintelligible.

@dragynwing I was hanging flags on my fence when this lady walked past me and started yelling. ##blm ##publicfreakoutvideos ##karen ##lgbtqia ##endgunviolence
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People who saw the clip had some choice words for the screaming woman.


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Others made a point to praise the flag-owner's response.


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And when the video made its way over to the PublicFreakout subReddit, even more criticism came the screaming lady's way.

"Bitch you're in Seattle not Alabama. Stop getting triggered or move if you don't like liberals." -- scawtsauce

"Reminds me of a yippy little dog barking ferociously as it backs away." -- eastsidewiscompton

"This bitch probably goes to McDonald's and purposely asks for Pepsi so she can yell at them for only having Coca-Cola" -- m1a1tanksauce

The owner of the flags later posted a follow up video where she showed the flags that incensed the passerby so much.

The woman who took issue with the flags was not identified.