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Woman's Friend Stumbles Upon A Former Classmate On Tinder—And His Profile Is Basically One Giant Red Flag


The events that occur during your adolescence, especially in junior high, can be some of the most impactful in your life.

Remember dealing with acne, or having your lunch money stolen?

Those were a crisis for pre-teens!

The stakes are so high in middle school where any losses like unrequited crushes or a sense of defeat can stay with you forever.

One woman is revisiting the angst of losing an 8th-grade presidential election—an experience she thought she had buried five years ago. But it all came back to haunt her on Tinder.

Meghan, who formerly went by her surname "hibbs" for her Twitter handle, posted:

"So I lost an 8th grade presidential election 5 years ago and my friend just found the guy who beat me on tinder."

She shared a screenshot of the braggadocious profile and adopted his ending catchphrase for her username.

In his description, the dude boasted:

"Still proud of the time I became class president just to beat someone I found mildly annoying. get wrecked meghan."

Twitter called out his apparent sexism.

Others were simply flabbergasted.

Some had theories the guy had a crush on her, making his war cry the equivalent of pulling her hair on the playground.

Not all who win are winners.

It's a proven fact.

For him, this was the pinnacle of his achievements in life.

One user suggested she plan a rematch with her nemesis.

People accentuated the positive.

Summer goals?

Some keywords are indelibly left on our brain.

I had a bully in junior high who always tormented me and attempted to throw me in the garbage can.

He is now out of the closet.

Could it be that I was tormenting his heart?

My anthem.