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Woman's Emotional Foster Dog Reunion Story Is Serendipity At Its Finest


A Kentucky woman was reunited with the puppy that she fostered for a week last November when the dog's new owner walked past her porch.

Kate Howard, managing editor of the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, took to Twitter to recount meeting her foster puppy when the new owner stopped outside her residence by chance.

Writing a Twitter thread, she said: “A woman and her dog stopped at my yard, and the dog plopped down on my grass… It was beyond comforting for my first foster dog to turn up on my front lawn today."

Howard explained that she had returned from a friend's memorial service when she had seen the dog, named Winnie, and recognized her as the pit bull puppy she had fostered.

She said: “The dog was cute, a brown pitty girl with white markings. All dogs are perfect but she was particular charming…Her name was Winnie!

“This immediately registered because last November, I fostered a dog for the first time over Thanksgiving."

Howard explained that Winnie had gone to a good home, and that she had just moved close to where the puppy had been adopted.

She told the PA news agency: “It (her fostering) was probably about a week – 24/7 because I was off work for Thanksgiving.

“She was adopted the day she was available, which was probably two days after she was spayed."

Howard then shared a current photo of Winnie after they had bumped into each other.

She said: “It was beyond comforting for my first foster dog to turn up on my front lawn today, her fur still soft and her ear still crooked and her tail still wagging.

“Here she is in all her grown-up glory and I hope she warms your heart too!"

In a follow-up to the story after it had gone viral, Howard revealed that Winnie and her new owner had even come over for a playdate with her dog Foxy.