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Woman Fired From Job And Facing Charges After Climbing Into Texas Zoo's Monkey Enclosure


A woman was fired from her job at a Texas law firm after video showed her climbing into a spider monkey enclosure at an El Paso, Texas zoo and feeding the animals.

The video, which recently surfaced on social media, showed the woman climbing into the enclosure, through a water feature and appearing to throw food at the monkeys.

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The water feature, which was placed as a deterrent for the monkeys, proved no obstacle for this woman. She let herself in and immediately began tempting the monkeys with Hot Cheetos, which she then threw at the confused creatures.

A low fence keeping the enclosure separate from tourists may now have to be raised, the zoo said, since the woman abused the opportunity it afforded for better visibility.

Unfortunately for the woman, who will also face charges from the El Paso Zoo, her place of employment identified her from the video and fired her.

They released a statement on social media.

The woman, whose name was Lucy Rae, was a litigation assistant with Lovett Law Firm.

On Thursday, May 27, Lucy Rae was arrested by the El Paso police.

Rae has been charged with trespassing.

The monkeys, Libby and Sunday, have not commented on the experience.