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Woman's TikTok About Her Horrendous Fart That Led To Her Gym Being Evacuated Is Truly Mortifying

Woman's TikTok About Her Horrendous Fart That Led To Her Gym Being Evacuated Is Truly Mortifying

A woman on TikTok has left people in stitches with her story about a time she ripped a fart in a spin class that led to a total evacuation of all people on the premises.

The clip, posted by TikToker Maxime, netted 2.7 million views, nearly all of whom were apparently left cackling--or reminiscing about their own lethal butt eruptions.

In the video, Maxime began by shedding light on the conditions that led to the stinker of all stinkers:

"This one time I went to a spin class after a heavy night of drinking and 4am kebabs..."

Then it happened.

"...And I farted a fart that smelled so bad that a girl threw up and they had to evacuate the gym because they thought they had a sewage problem."

She was apparently glad to finally get it off her chest.

"I was too embarassed to tell them it was just me. So now, eight years later, I'm telling you guys."

Tell me your greatest fart stories. Can you beat that? #fyp #gym #gymproblems #fart #spinclass #hangover #embarrassing #ohno #fartsfordays #drunk

People were so grateful to hear such a hilarious, intimate story.


Becca Priole/TikTok

Ryan Winkelman/TikTok



Kari Fessler/TikTok


And plenty of people shared their own horror stories. The comments section turned into a kind of horrendous fart bulletin board.


Brittany Miller/TikTok



Mike Vollmar/TikTok

So the next time you let one squeak out and watch the formal evacuation protocols begin to take place, just know that there's a whole internet of people who've been there and got through it, and you will too.

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