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Woman Nearly Killed After Someone Throws Spear Through Her Windshield

Shavone Canales narrowly avoided catastrophe after someone chucked a metal spear through her car's windshield in an 'unprovoked' attack while she was driving in San Antonio, Texas.

Woman Nearly Killed After Someone Throws Spear Through Her Windshield

Driving comes with a unique set of risks: other drivers, inclement weather, potholes—and now ... spears? TikToker Shavone Canales learned that last one the hard way when someone threw a spear at her car, piercing the windshield and nearly doing serious injury. Yes, a spear. The old-timey weapon.

While she was waiting for police to arrive after the incident, Canales shared a TikTok video that showed where the spear pierced her windshield.


This was while i was driving on an access road. This was NOT anyone I know nor was it road rage. Some literally launched this at my car from the side of the road. #almostdied #spear #san antonio #texas #sapd

People thought she must be talking about a long pole or something, but nope. An actual spear.






Others were saying how this is the second such incident they have seen this week, and how odd that is.





Others were not excited to have unlocked a new fear about driving.



She was in San Antonio, but people asked if she was in ancient Greece.


Finally, the comments turned to the really confused person here: her car insurance agent.


Canales is okay, and authorities are searching for people with the means, motive, and opportunity to have thrown ... a spear.