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Woman Walks Out After Date Wouldn't Pay Extra For Cheese On His Burger—And His Response Is Priceless

TikToker @dafna_diamant recounted her disastrous date for viewers, only for her date to hilariously weigh in with a video of his own.

screenshot from both TikTok videos
@dafna-diamant/TikTok; @zockr/TikTok

Most of us know what it's like to go on a bad date. Usually its with someone that you don't vibe well with and you spend the evening making awkward small talk only to go home wishing you'd stayed in.

But some dates are worse than others.

In a viral TikTok, a woman talks about a bad date she went on where she left early because her date refused to pay for extra cheese on his burger.

In the video TikToker @dafna-diamant said the date started well.

"He seems very nice. He's not a catfish."

She added he refused to pay extra for cheese on his burger.

"He asks if its going to be extra. She says, 'yes its three dollars extra.' and then he says 'okay then, never mind'."

She ended the video by saying she paid the bill.

"I just paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant. So I texted him: 'the bill is taken care of, you should have gotten the cheese.' And then I blocked him."

You can see the video here:


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But in her date's response video he says he intended on paying.

"I intended on paying twenty-one dollars for this burger, so paying three dollars extra for cheese was not worth it."

You can see his video here:


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The comments on the videos didn't disappoint.

Most people made it clear they didn't agree with her.



Pretty much everyone agreed with him.










A few people wondered if he was actually the person who went on the date with her.


Paying $3 for a slice of cheese on a $21 burger is absurd.

So is bragging online about ditching a date because they didn't want to spend $3 of their own money for a single slice of cheese on their own burger.

It's pretty clear he dodged a bullet here.