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Driver Pulled Over For Having A Snowmobile Precariously Strapped To The Roof Of His Car


The Wisconsin State Patrol had some advice for a man who transported a snowmobile by strapping it to the roof of his car – do not try this at home.

A trooper pulled over the driver on Highway 63 in northwestern Wisconsin on Sunday after seeing the snowmobile perched sideways on top of the car.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation tweeted a photo of the car with the snowmobile, with a message:

“Folks, don't try this at home."

The 23-year-old driver was given a warning about the snowmobile and warned over failing to fasten his seat belt, said DOT spokeswoman Christena O'Brien.

The driver, Wisconsin resident Matthew Schmit, told the trooper he had just bought the snowmobile and was driving it to a friend's house to show him, the Star Tribune reported.

“I know it looks sketchy, but we had it strapped down and shook it," he said. “In this kind of region, stuff like this gets seen all the time, but more like the back roads."

Twitter wasn't sure whether to be impressed or appalled.

And while some were quick to point out the Minnesota license plates on the car, the Star Tribune cleared that up, saying:

"As for the Minnesota plates on his car, Schmit explained that he bought the vehicle as 'my beater car' last spring in the Twin Cities and hadn't gotten around to transferring the title."

Better luck next time, Wisconsin!