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Widow Speculates Late Husband's Cause Of Death Was Being 'Dead Sexy' In Viral Obituary

Widow Speculates Late Husband's Cause Of Death Was Being 'Dead Sexy' In Viral Obituary

Obituaries are generally not a source of joy, but in Crystal Sauser's case, an exception can be made for how lovingly she crafted her husband's.

After tragically losing her husband of 13 years to cancer, Sauser found herself unsatisfied with available obituary templates from funeral homes. After perusing all she had at her disposal, she decided the only way to give a proper tribute to her husband, Eric, was to do it herself.

Eric, described as "just a rockin' dude" from Omaha, Nebraska, was remembered well throughout this obituary. The cause of death was attributed to "either leukemia or more likely being 'dead sexy.'"

"His departure was just in time for him to make his spiritual appearance at every Red Sox spring game. Eric is survived by his wife, Crystal, and three children, Amelia, Violet and Benjamin, all of whom will likely sleep in the same bed for many years to come (sorry, Eric)."

Sauser went on to list her husband's interests in a delightfully light-hearted fashion:

"Eric loved, in this order, his smoking hot wife, his brilliant kids and family, his many friends, the Boston Red Sox, the Kansas City Chiefs (before being a Chiefs fan was cool), the Huskers, Liverpool Futbol, QT iced tea, Adidas sneakers, fishing, backpacking, hiking, hunting, and any old Chevy he saw on the road."

"It's so easy to write something like this when you love them so much," Crystal Sauser said of her late husband to CNN.

"At the end of the day, my commitment was that I would never stop loving him...He needed to know it wasn't materialistic -- that I thought he was dead sexy for him, for who he was."

RIP, Eric.

Though we didn't know you personally, your obituary really impressed upon us how loved you were and how missed you will be.