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These 'Solutions' To 'Wheel Of Fortune' Puzzles Are Both Entertaining And Very Wrong 😂

These 'Solutions' To 'Wheel Of Fortune' Puzzles Are Both Entertaining And Very Wrong 😂
(@wofanswers, @Samuel_Pancakes/Twitter)

Sure, winning cash prizes for solving complicated puzzles as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune is thrilling, but nothing beats playing along from the comfort of your recliner at home where the rules of the game don't apply.

But playing along online is even better.

The Twitter handle "Wheel Of Fortune Answers" exists solely to let viewers solve puzzles on their own terms with alternative answers, and they certainly take us for a spin.

This puzzle is solved and the answer is explosive.

Looks like there are plenty of these to give.

Did Weird Al Yankovic parody a popular song by "The Four Seasons?"

Is it your first time at this rodeo?

It's even better when followers share their answers.

This one speaks to me.

My favorite friend.


Don't be fooled by the category. Edible protection is available on the market.

This Twitter account is dead to me. 🤣

Things remain grim.

Is there a dating filter for this preference on Grindr?

I'll shop with her any time.

The letters provided don't always correspond with the answers in this version of the quiz show. But do we care?

There are more zany answers on @wofanswers. For an endless round of laughter, I highly recommend you take this Twitter user out for a spin.

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