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'Wheel Of Fortune' Viewers Once Again Stunned At How Long Contestants Take To Solve Easy Puzzle

'Wheel Of Fortune' Viewers Once Again Stunned At How Long Contestants Take To Solve Easy Puzzle

It was easy to forgive a Wheel of Fortune contestant on Tuesday's episode who failed to solve a puzzle featuring a commonly misheard song lyric.

But the audience found it difficult to cut some slack for the three contestants on Wednesday night's episode who took forever and a day to solve a presumably easy puzzle with one missing letter left in the four-word-phrase.

The category featuring the head-scratcher was "What are you doing?"–which is probably what viewers at home were yelling at their TV screens.

Contestants Seann, Michele, and Crystal had a heck of a time trying to solve:


It goes without saying the missing letter was an "L", but that option clearly went over the players' heads.

You can watch a clip of the moment, below.

Seann guessed, “Renting a Paddle Boat," Michelle said the missing letter was an "M"–which it was not, and Crystal thought a "W" would complete the phrase and still somehow make sense.

It didn't.

Finally, Seann redeemed himself and correctly solved the puzzle by saying, "Rental a Pedal Boat."

Earlier this month, Pat Sajak defended contestants who were ridiculed online for failing to solve the puzzle for "Another Feather In Your Cap" with only three missing letters.

In response to the subsequent trolling online, Sajak wrote a series of tweets asking fans to "have a little heart" for contestants who are under "a kind stress that you can't even begin to appreciate from the comfort of your couch."

While the rare display of compassion from our usually sardonic host was appreciated, it didn't stop the mockery to commence in response to Wednesday's episode.

Some acknowledged the puzzle was still an easy one to get wrong.

A special shout-out goes to the always exquisite Vanna White. The hostess of the popular game show has always exuded warmth, a calming presence, and never given a judgemental look at clueless contestants while revealing tiles on the board since 1982.

Could you maintain decorum with as much elegance as her when things go awry at the wheel?