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'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Flubs Commonly Misheard Eurythmics Lyric—And Fans Are Shook

'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Flubs Commonly Misheard Eurythmics Lyric—And Fans Are Shook
Eurythmics/YouTube, Wheel of Fortune

A contestant on Tuesday's Wheel of Fortune chose to solve a "song lyrics" puzzle with four tiles missing from the six-word phrase on the board.

The lyric and song title was from the 1983 Eurythmics song, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)."

Although the final word was fully spelled out, contestant Chris Bryant failed to give a correct response because he mispronounced "this" as "these."

Technically, Bryant was incorrect.

However, his gaffe is understandable given how the British pop duo's singer, Annie Lennox, sounds when she sings "this" to rhyme with "seven seas" in the next phrase.

This is an example of what's called a "slant rhyme," which is a type of rhyme with similar words that are not identical. Lennox draws out the word "this" for emphasis.

You can hear her sing the lyrics at the start of the music video below.

Online, some viewers were gobsmacked to discover they too misheard the lyric this whole time.

Many found Bryant's snafu relatable.

Sure enough, the proof was in writing all along.

Still people were floored upon discovering the actual lyric.

There was a minority who knew all along it was "this" and not "these."

Despite the evidence, some users remained unconvinced.

What Lennox sings is up for debate.

Who are we to disagree?

See what I did there?

Many singers and rappers manipulate their lyrics to force a rhyme. Another example of an artist doing this is Eminem, who is known for "bending words" in his raps to create a rhyme where otherwise one wouldn't exist.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, the "Lose Yourself" rapper demonstrated how he rhymes the word "orange"–which doesn't rhyme with anything–by enunciating the word as having more than one syllable.

Despite Bryant's failure to solve the song puzzle, he managed to move on to the bonus round after which he eventually took home $26,405 in prizes.