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'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Roasted For Missing Two Super Easy Puzzles In One Show

'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Roasted For Missing Two Super Easy Puzzles In One Show

There's a lot of pressure involved being on a TV game show. Even the smartest of people can break down under the expectations of a TV audience.

Melanie Fisher, a recent contestant on Wheel Of Fortune is very smart, having maintained a 4.0 GPA through college, from which she graduated in three years.

However, if you were to watchWheel of Fortune during Fisher's episode last week, you likely couldn't tell.

Especially if you looked at the Twitter comments.

How could someone so smart be causing such a reaction? Well, that might come down to the little mistakes Fisher made.

One puzzle had the letters slowly reveal themselves until a contestant buzzed in.

It got to this point:


Fisher buzzed in and gave the guess "Jolly Goof Fellow" which was clearly wrong.

Another contestant quickly answers "Jolly Good Fellow" securing him the spin.

An easy mistake, or an unbelievable one?

That's all right, Fisher had another chance with another puzzle.

As the contestants guess letters, another puzzle comes into focus.

With the letters revealed as:


Fisher took her guess to try "Wilkes and Sheep."

This was obviously incorrect.

After another contestant guessed the letter "V" Fisher seemed to beat herself up to not have gotten it.

The answer was:

"Wolves and Sheep"

We're sure Fisher doesn't feel too bad about it though. She ended up winning and making her way to the bonus round.

There are bigger mistakes we've seen on Wheel of Fortune, from contestants giving the wrong answer, to even host Pat Sajak himself giving away an answer.