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'Wheel Of Fortune' Studio Audience Audibly Groans After Contestant's Mind-Boggling Puzzle Fail

With one letter left, contestant Khushi couldn't seem to figure out the word 'fresh.'

Wheel of Fortune puzzle and contestant Khushi
Wheel of Fortune

Sometimes it's hard to watch iconic game show Wheel of Fortune and not think, "they're really not sending their best people" when it comes to the contestants.

The competitors are always nice and personable, but all too often there are facepalm-worthy unforced errors--like "buying vowels" when the puzzle is basically already solved, or guessing letters that have already been eliminated.

But a recent contestant debacle on the show has to be an all-timer, so much so that the in-studio audience audibly groaned when it happened.

With just a single letter to go to solve the puzzle, a contestant named Khushi thought she had the puzzle locked--and then, well... she just really, really didn't.

As you likely know, there is no 'G' in the word 'fresh,' and the audience just really couldn't handle it when Khushi seemed to think there was.

See the moment below.

Even host Pat Sajak seemed a bit over it when it came to Khushi. With just one letter, the 'S' in 'fresh' remaining in the phrase "Fresh Tropical Fruit," he was heard exasperatedly telling Khushi:

"Solve it or spin it? But do something quickly."

So she did. She spun the wheel, trying to get that one last opportunity to add money to her score, and then after an uncomfortably long pause in which she seemed deeply confused, she guessed a 'G' instead of an 'S.'

Someone immediately erupted from the audience, yelling "What?!" before the audience joined together to turn on Khushi with a unison groan of agony.

It was then Khushi's fellow contestant Juliana's turn, who said "I'd like to solve the puzzle?" with a barely contained note of "LOL girl are you effing kidding me" in her voice. The camera people were generous enough to not film Juliana's surely nonplussed face.

Sajak then graciously chalked up Khushi's mistake to the pressure of being on television, which is certainly fair.

But people on Twitter were definitely more on the side of the groaning audience.

To make matters worse, not only did Khushi lose the round but she also lost a trip to Antigua. Every letter counts in Wheel of Fortune, especially the wildly incorrect ones.