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Wendy's Just Sent Out A Bizarre Google Calendar Invite—And People Have Lots Of Questions

Wendy's Just Sent Out A Bizarre Google Calendar Invite—And People Have Lots Of Questions

Google Calendar invites are hardly something that play a significant role on Twitter, but Wendy's is hardly a conventional Twitter brand account.

The famously sassy and quick-to-clapback account sent an enigmatic tweet on Monday, June 24 that had many people scratching their heads.

The invite, which hopes to bring people together on August 19, from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. also contained a message:

"Hey, just wanted to send a lunch invite out to everyone. Was looking at the calendar and this seemed like it was probably the best date. Figured it would be a good chance for a couple million of us to get together. Just thought we'd throw a little nugget out there and see who wanted to hang. You're gonna want to keep this on the schedule. 😉"

While many people thought Wendy's might be asking them out on the sly, the wiser crowd thought the fast-food chain might be making good on its promise to Chance the Rapper to bring back spicy chicken nuggets.

Wendy's didn't play especially coy with its answers.

Many people's dreams are coming true on August 19.

Some people took a little longer to figure out what was going on than others.

There was a single person not so excited for the big day.

Fortunately, they were sent the invitation in error.

And for those of you who really did want to go on a date with Wendy, fear not! The massive corporation is willing to give love a chance.

Wendy's would later remove any ambiguity with a proper announcement confirming their spicy chicken nuggets would make their grand return on August 19th!

Get ready for the big day, nugget-lovers, and make sure to add that event to your Google Cal!