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Wendy Williams Appeared To Fart And Burp At The Same Time On Her Show—And Fans Are Shook

Wendy Williams Appeared To Fart And Burp At The Same Time On Her Show—And Fans Are Shook

Being that it's Oscar season, the talk of Hollywood is all the glamorous nominees of 2020's best of cinema.

But here's what should happen.

Cancel the Oscars and hand-deliver every statuette to talk show host Wendy Williams for simultaneously burping and farting on air during a recent episode of her show. Yes, even the technical awards.

Nobody—absolutely nobody, Dame Judi Dench included—has or ever will top this artistic achievement.

Seriously, cancel all awards shows until the end of time.

The apex of human artistic accomplishment has been reached. We're done.

Williams' peerless moment of creative prowess occurred during the live broadcast of her show Monday while talking about the ongoing divorce of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. Given the star power of the celebrity couple, it's hard to think of anything that could upstage them.

But Williams managed to do it.

While speculating about whether Kardashian West was already dating new men, Williams spontaneously burped. Who among hasn't had a surprise belch escape, right?

No big deal. But it seems like it must have been a powerful one—it shook Williams so much that a fart escaped immediately after it too.

The split second of stunned silence by the audience and the shock on Williams's face before she grimaced in exasperation at the wiles of her own body is the type of comedic perfection that comedy writers have sought to create since time immemorial.

As silence gave way to a handful of guffaws and whoops from the audience, Williams simply apologized, gave a small chuckle, and soldiered on with her segment.

Now THAT is professionalism. Oprah Winfrey wishes. Barbara Walters could never.

And on Twitter, of course, Williams' iconic achievement in the televisual arts did not go unnoticed.

If the Paley Center for Media doesn't immediately add this seminal moment in television history to its retrospective archive there should be a class action lawsuit filed in the International Criminal Court. Respect Wendy's talent!