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People Describe The Weirdest Thing Their Partners Do That They Just Accept

"Reddit user VelvetSophieCream asked: 'What's the weirdest thing your partner does that you've just accepted?'"

A young couple sit back to back on top of a crane overlooking the city at night.

When in a relationship, one must make many compromises.

One particular area that can be problematic is quirks and behaviors.

And some habits can seem out of the ordinary.

But if you're committed, you find a way to deal.

One of my exes likes to sing while going to the bathroom.

Nothing crazy, not like an American Idol audition.

I could handle it... until I couldn't.

I'm single now.

Redditor VelvetSophieCream wanted to hear all the weird love details people roll with, so they asked:

"What's the weirdest thing your partner does that you've just accepted?"

The Warm-Up

"My wife microwaves lettuce. Like when she eats a salad at home, she 'warms up' the lettuce."

- pangderx

First Lady Eating GIF by HULUGiphy

Ladies and Gentlemen

"When he's alone, he talks to himself in 3rd person, making comments on the things he's doing. 'Ladies and gentlemen, xxxx has done it again, he's made the best omelet in history... for the 3rd time this month. He's the man of the year. Look at him getting a glass, and opening the fridge.. oooh is he going for orange juice? Yes he is!'"

"'Okay now he needs to do something but what was it? Ah righttt the toast. The toast, everybody. He almost forgot the toast.' Stuff like that. I'm glad he does it loudly, it's hilarious. Especially when he gets tired and stops mid-sentence but keeps doing what he's doing in silence. Even funnier when he starts speaking again all of a sudden."

- the_crystal_temps

Scared Me Silly

"He lays on the floor to decompress, which isn't too bizarre. But he lays down in weird spots and occasionally accidentally scares the sh*t out of me. One time, he was lying on the floor in the front entrance closet, petting the cat, and fell asleep. I just saw his legs on the ground sticking out from the closet. My first thought was that he had fallen, hurt himself, and was unconscious."

"But he was just snuggling the cat. Another time, I couldn't find him anywhere in the house and started to freak out. But he was lying on the back deck on his belly, talking to the skunk that lives under the deck. This was at night. So all I see is a man sprawled on the deck in the dark. Scared me silly."

- smallwren7558


"She usually dresses normally but sometimes she goes through phases where she dresses like people from different eras. Like a 70s disco phase outfit an 80s rock chick outfit or a 1950s dress outfit. It's one thing to do this for a day or something... she will do it for like 3-4 weeks straight, ordering clothes on Amazon to make new outfits, wearing the outfits to go grocery shopping or walking the dog, etc. And then she rinses and repeats every once in a while. She also will obsessively watch movies from that era when this happens."

"She has been doing this for 20+ years. She is known in our neighborhood for doing this."

- frogvscrab


"I don’t know how weird this is, but my boyfriend constantly talks to himself. He also gives voices to our pets- 2 cats and a dog. Each pet has a distinct voice and accent. Some of them have catchphrases."

"Sometimes when he’s getting ready for work in the morning, I’ll hear him having conversations with the pets and himself in all the various voices. It’s hilarious and adorable."

"Sometimes I catch myself doing it now, too."

- Cassiopeia299

Hats Off

"He always finds random objects around the house to make into a 'hat' for me."

"Fresh laundry? Hat."

"Random plushies? Hat."

"Bubble wrap? Hat."

"Then he makes one for himself, we take a funny picture and hang it on our 'hat photos' wall."

- brisketball23

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"My wife is a neat freak, always cleans up after herself, and is putting things away. However, I noticed that when she runs out of toilet paper she will just take the new roll and stand it on top of the empty tube instead of replacing it. I asked her why she does that and she said 'It’s the one thing I allow myself to be lazy about.' I think it’s hilarious."

- Human-Magic-Marker


"My wife will give very detailed and specific directions when asking me to pick something up or to bring her something, in a very confident manner. She is almost always incorrect. Like asking me to go get her black scarf before we go out, she’ll say something like 'It’s on the third shelf in the bedroom closet, on the left side underneath the rainbow scarf and the red scarf.'"

"And there’s not only no black scarf, but no scarves at all in the closet."

- WeightFast574


"BF is a biologist and absolutely cannot stop himself from interacting with any animal/insect/bird that his brain has deemed interesting. I've spotted him softly talking to bugs and bees when he thinks no one's looking. Also, as long as he has deemed it safe if we spot a snail (and he's REALLY GOOD at spotting snails, it's insane), he WILL pick it up no matter the circumstances. We've spent HOURS in parks/sanctuaries in one single spot if he's spotted a cool lizard or an animal because we must make new animal friends. His parents tell me all the different insects, bugs, and tiny animals he used to bring to them as a baby LMFAO."

- Carrot_onesie

So Cute

"This one is innocent but just so odd to me. When you open our fridge, where the handle meets the door. There is a hole in the top of it. And every single time she opens the fridge she puts her finger in the hole, and pulls it out. It makes this popping sound like you can make with the side of your cheek. And then she lets out a quiet little giggle it's adorable."

- frozenbudz

Never Nude

"When he wakes up in the morning, he puts on ALL his clothes just to walk to the bathroom, take them off, and have a shower. Why?? I will never understand that."

- Altruistic-Notice707

Rob Riggle Shower GIF by Holiday Inn ExpressGiphy


"Mine will 'play' our fat cat-like bagpipes. (Without hurting her) he'll hold her under one arm until she makes her annoyed growl/whine, then pat her belly to make the noise change pitch and rhythm. I honestly don't get it, but whatever makes him happy. Also, the cat is obsessed with him and will let him do this for ages. If she runs away, she comes back to him in two minutes to do it again. Weirdo creeps, both."

- UnicornVoodooDoll

Butt Noise

"I’m a big proponent of farting early in a relationship. It lets your significant other know that you’re comfortable around them."

"My wife, on the other hand, hid her farts from me for years until recently. She had abdominal surgery, and afterward, she was full of gas, so she was going to be ripping a** for a while."

"I got her home and was getting her ready for bed, and she looked at me with horror in her eyes and blasted a** louder and longer than I thought was humanly possible."

"Now, she’ll get home from work, step in the house, and just blow me away with a monster she was saving all the way home."

"I love her."

- SousVideButt

Praise You

"I don't know if it's weird generally or something I'm not accustomed to, but they sing my praises to anyone who will listen. When I meet someone they know, no matter how close their relationship is, I am frequently told how highly my partner speaks of me. I genuinely don't think they've ever bad-mouthed me to anyone. We went to therapy together recently for a check-in and the provider mentioned that he wished his other clients talked about each other the way we do... lol."

- nyan-the-nwah

Sleep Comedy

"My husband occasionally talks in his sleep and will also laugh like a little girl in his sleep. It absolutely cracks me up and creeps me out at the same time."

- Putyourmoneyonme80

tired stan marsh GIF by South Park Giphy

Love will really force us to put up with some wild things.

There isn't a ton here that is so outrageous one can't just accept it and move on.

Talking in your sleep doesn't seem so bad!

Try shrieking night terrors.

Together or alone, you'll never sleep the same way again.

Do you have any to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.