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Woman Recounts The Community Effort To Help Rescue Her Husband's Wedding Ring From A Sidewalk Grate


Twitter user @ErinJanune and her husband were walking down a Philadelphia sidewalk when the unthinkable happened...his wedding ring flew off his finger and into a nearby grate! Accepting the ring was gone is something Erin simply couldn't do. The pair put their heads together and tried to get the ring back, though they wouldn't have had much luck if the local community hadn't pitched in to help out.

The couple came up with some solutions.

But a homemade fishing pole didn't have the right stuff to fix this problem.

Though it DID have the skills to snag an imposter!

Through the entire process, citizens of Philly were right there with them.

And then...the cavalry arrived!

This knight's armor was made specially for a singular purpose...hunting down wedding rings.

Could it be?!

The couple got to see first hand what a community is capable of when we work together!

The story inspired many on Twitter.

That having been careful with that wedding ring from now on. Who knows where it might fall next time?

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