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Watch Adam Lambert Move Cher To Tears With His Emotionally Raw Cover Of 'Believe'

41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors/CBS

Earlier this month, Cher was surprised with an emotional cover of "Believe" performed by Adam Lambert.

The moment was so touching it brought the pop star to tears.

The Kennedy Center Honors is an honor bestowed to those in the performing arts for their contribution to American culture. This year's honorees were Philip Glass, Wayne Shorter, Reba McEntire, the creators of Hamilton: An American Musical and Cher.

And it's Cher who got the biggest surprise of all.

Adam Lambert was introduced on stage by Amanda Seyfried to perform a cover of "Believe", one of Cher's most popular singles. But rather than sing to it as an up tempo dance track, he transformed the song into a mournful ballad.

Watch the performance here:

This Beautiful Rendition Of Cher's "Believe" Is Adam Lambert's Gift To Us All

As the video cuts back to the audience, you can see Cher wiping tears from her eyes.

While the Honors took place at the start of the month, CBS aired the recording as a special on Wednesday night. After seeing how she reacted, people had to ask Cher what was going through her mind during the performance.

And she responded.

Others couldn't help but feel the same.

Lambert was just as touched by her praise.

Cher has had a pretty stellar year. From starring in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and releasing her ABBA album (and potentially teasing a sequel), to preparing for a global tour to begin next month, she has been busy.

Lambert himself is no slouch either. He's been touring with Queen as their singer, beginning a new Rhapsody Tour in summer of next year.

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