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Comedian Goes Viral After Trolling Texas City Council Meeting With Bonkers Rap About Killing Putin

Comedian Goes Viral After Trolling Texas City Council Meeting With Bonkers Rap About Killing Putin

A city council meeting in Plano, Texas went a little awry as a comedian gave a performance worthy of a cringy viral video.

The rap parody was about the war in Ukraine and insisting Russian President Vladimir Putin had to be stopped with the most extreme measures.

The whole bizarre incident was shared online by the comedian himself.

Alex Stein, a comedian and self-described professional troll, has started making scenes like this at city council meetings. He’s found that so long as you aren’t vulgar or combative, the council has to give him time to speak.

Still, few could have been prepared as a man in a suit and tie approached the podium, turned on a boombox, and started a four minute rap about the situation in Ukraine.

This included direct calls to kill Putin.

“Go insane, for Ukraine, a bullet in Putin's brain!”

Stein also expressed admiration for Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“Zelenskyy! Is a VIP! Ukraine and I go insane.”

The whole video got a chuckle out of the internet.

The rap, delivered to a stony faced board of council members was a surreal experience. Stein kept hyping up a non-existent crowd and doing a strange dance, removing his jacket and screaming into the microphone.

Never one to be pegged in a box, however, Stein has expressed that the rap about killing Putin was a satirical jab at Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham had called for someone to kill Putin, saying the world needed a “Brutus” to take out the Russian President.

Stein told Insider:

"I don't really want to kill Putin. I'm a vegetarian.”
“And you got guys like Lindsey Graham that are on the right, going on national TV, Fox News, talking about killing world powerful leaders... So I was just trying to expose him for that because that's ridiculous.”

The whole thing went viral, as Stein had wanted. The comedian seems to do or say anything that will bring attention.

Recently, Stein appeared on InfoWars, a radio show hosted by Alex Jones the perpetuates far-right conspiracy theories.

The two shared discredited conspiracies on the COVID repsonse, doctors killing patients for money and the supposed suppression of Ivermectin as a treatment. Stein even referred to Jones as his “hero.”

This had many write off the comedian, or at least be very confused.

This is a recurring theme for Stein, who has made it his goal to be as controversial and strange as possible to avoid these the possibility these councils could ignore him.

Earlier this year, he performed a satirical rap at a Dallas city council meeting while pretending to be a nurse, about the COVID-19 vaccines. At the time, he said he wasn’t on the right or left, and wanted to keep people guessing.

The following month, he put on a puppet and continued his strange brand of attention getting humor.