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Violinists Go Viral After Mourning Empty Toilet Paper Aisle With Song From 'Titanic'

Violinists play in front of an empty toilet roll aisle (Bonnie Von Duyke)

Everyone is desperately trying to find a way to stay entertained during the pandemic.

These two professional violinists decided to take their talents to the grocery store and use their time to serenade an empty toilet paper aisle with a song from the film Titanic.

Wearing life jackets in a supermarket in Los Angeles, Bonnie von Duyke and Emer Kinsella re-enacted the scene in Titanic in which the small orchestra performs one last song for passengers as the ship sinks.

The video now has more than half a million views, and plenty of comments that it provided much-needed cheer as people are beginning to self-isolate.

These two violinists are a few of the people who have lost their jobs during the outbreak. So, the internet is hoping to help them in any way they can.

"We are full-time, professional players out of work due to COVID-19. We record music for TV, movies, video games," von Duyke said.

Twitter loved their performance, and many related.

British Retail Consortium members asked the public to be "considerate in the way they shop" after panic-buying has seen shortages of toilet paper and other essentials, as fears intensify over the spread of COVID-19.