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Video Of Guy Kicking Squirrel Off Stage At Halsey Concert During Torrential Downpour Sparks Outrage

Video Of Guy Kicking Squirrel Off Stage At Halsey Concert During Torrential Downpour Sparks Outrage

Fans were left infuriated following an incident in which a staff member on the outdoor stage at pop star Halsey's concert kicked a squirrel off the stage and into a pool of water gathered following a torrential downpour.

Unexpected storms soaked the concert venue, flooding the pit area in front of the stage and throwing the crowd into chaos.

In the video, captured by Twitter user @ammamariee, the squirrel leapt onto the edge of the stage in a seeming attempt to escape the water only to land directly into it after being repeatedly kicked by the crewmember.

See the video below.

The user who captured the incident with the squirrel said it all with the caption she included with her video. She wrote:

"There’s no way this Halsey Maryland show is real like WHAT."

It was perhaps the lowest point of what had already been a chaotic mess of a situation due to the severe weather that flooded the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland where Halsey's Love and Power Tour was set to play.

People in the crowd could be heard angrily yelling at the man who kicked the squirrel. One exclaimed "Poor baby!" while another said, "It’s a squirrel, pick him up."

The squirrel, which crowdmembers named "Chuck," eventually made it backstage and out of the elements, but not before being completely submerged in the floodwaters in front of the stage.

According to sources at the venue as well as Halsey themself, the rain and storms forecasted for that night in Columbia were not anticipated to be as strong and violent as they ended up being.

The crowd at the outdoor venue were soaked while they waited for Halsey to take the stage, and the flooding was so bad that the concert had to be cancelled due to safety issues.

The incident with the squirrel only made things worse, and people on social media are outraged by the incident.

It's unclear exactly who the man is, but he's believed to be a part of Halsey's crew. A spokesperson for the venue said that the man who kicked the squirrel was not an employee of the venue itself, and called the incident "upsetting."