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Viral Video Of Man Hoverboarding Above Times Square Looks Like Something Out Of A Marvel Movie


The denizens roaming around and taking photos with tourists in New York's famed Times Square consist of the usual suspects.

There's Mickey, Minnie, and Elmo, all of whose likenesses remain questionable.

But there was one character sighting not part of the usual lineup that had people guessing about his mysterious identity. Many thought he was Spider-Man's nemesis, the Green Goblin.

A video of a guy hoverboarding above the heads of tourists was posted by Twitter user Rex Chapman, and it went viral with 5.5 million views and received over 116K likes to date.

He casually captioned the video with:

"Oh nothing – just a dude flying around NYC..."

Many on the internet were convinced the airborne individual wearing a helmet was the famous supervillain.

There was also speculation the guy was trying to be Loki – Thor's also-ran adopted brother who has his own eponymous spinoff series on Disney +.

Others weighed in with their thoughts about the available mode of transportation.

Not everyone approved.

The video was also shared on Reddit's PublicFreakout subReddit – where a reader expressed safety concerns over the stunt.

"Man usually I'm all for people doing whatever the hell they want, but seeing this operating around that many non consenting people makes me a bit hesitant."
"Maybe he's in a controlled area but I would be upset if I just saw some random Joe hovering around my city on one of these."

The flying man's identity remains a mystery.