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WATCH: Weather Reporter Kawser Quamer Can't Stop Laughing Live on Air

WATCH: Weather Reporter Kawser Quamer Can't Stop Laughing Live on Air

BBC weather reporter Kawser Quamer tried her best to suppress her giggling fit after she was erroneously identified during a live telecast. And though she gave a valiant effort to maintain her professionalism by trying not to laugh, we're so glad she lost her composure.

The awkward telecast aired on Wednesday when BBC Scotland introduced their very own weather reporter with a banner at the bottom of the screen that read: "Aaron Ramsay, Ex-offender."

It took a few seconds for her to notice, but Quamer eventually saw the misnomer that referred to an earlier segment.

Unfortunately for her, any attempt at obscuring her laughter by turning her back towards viewers didn't serve her well, as the ruse to indicate to us something on the screen gave her absolutely nothing to work with.

The dam broke and she struggled to get back on track as she resumed with mention of "sunny spells."

Here's the clip below.

Apparently, the gaffe is not surprising given past shenanigans that tend to occur on BBC Scotland's "lunchtime" slot, with other reporters like Louise Lear losing it on air.

Wednesday's weather report continued with more funny business when Quamer, a.k.a. - "Aaron Ramsay," handed the news over to Catriona Shearer, who was identified on the ticker as 'Vicky Stewart, Aaron's fiancee.'

For Quamer, there was nowhere to hide, and those who were lucky enough to catch the wonderfully hilarious segment lauded her attempt at keeping her decorum. "You made my day with that. You held it together which was impressive," said a user on Twitter.

Some just appreciated the laughs.

Another played along with the BBC pranksters by praising "Aaron Ramsay's" recuperation.

At least she finished her segment.

And Quamer herself took to Twitter to express her appreciation for the support despite feeling "mortified."

She came out of the broadcast with her sense of humor intact.

Fellow giggle victim Catriona Shearer also shared her colleague's efforts in trying not to completely lose it.

And Quamer was all but pumped for the next shift. The forecast is unpredictable over at BBC Scotland.

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