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Toy Company CEO Dragged After Complaining He Can't Find Anybody Who Will Work For $14/Hour

Toy Company CEO Dragged After Complaining He Can't Find Anybody Who Will Work For $14/Hour
The FORT with Chris Powers/YouTube

Labor standards around the country are under question as never before. After surviving a pandemic, many workers are now very in touch with what kinds of working conditions they are willing to endure.

Under a living wage is one of the conditions people are no longer willing to endure at their place of employment. And employers who are offering poverty wages are beginning to look defensive and obsolete.

One such company is Viahart, a toy company hosted through Amazon and CEO'd by one Molson Hart. Hart's most recent post regarding seeking short-term labor to help unload trucks at poverty wages caught the attention of the internet for its brazen arrogance.

Though $14 per hour is greater than the minimum wage of many states, even the federal government's recent proposal to hike the minimum wage to $15 per hour was not enough to survive in any state in the union, according to recent studies.

Hart has gone viral before, for breaking down a friend's wages who made over $1 million per year, and then trying to justify why that wasn't a lot of money.

The median household income in the United States was $67,521 in 2020, a 2.9% decrease from the median income in 2019, and which is a mere 6% of $1 million.

Hart's lack of touch with reality for most American workers has earned him the unbridled contempt of many.

Hart's continued neglect of the average American's living conditions shows no signs of abating. His immediate follow-up was to complain about how people were interpreting his tweet, rather than to take accountability.

And either way, he is stuck with a team of two people unloading 35,000 lbs. Karma.