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Woman Warns TikTok Not To Get Veneers Done Abroad 'On A Whim' After Nightmare Experience

Woman Warns TikTok Not To Get Veneers Done Abroad 'On A Whim' After Nightmare Experience

A woman strongly discouraged travelers from having a dental procedure done while abroad in a viral TikTok.

TikToker Aida–a.k.a. @aida_azizii–decided to get low-quality veneers and immediately regretted her decision.

We can see why.

"Don't do your teeth abroad on a whim," she urged viewers in the text overlay.


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In the video, she flashed her pearly whites, several of which were misaligned and clearly looked artificial with their extreme whiteness compared to her other teeth.

Previous videos on her page revealed she went to Iran and expressed interest in getting her teeth done after admiring her cousins' dental work.

When she was given a recommendation for the dentist who did her “cousin’s friend’s friend’s teeth," she decided to move forward without further research about the dentist.

She was able to make an appointment with the clinic that evening, but because the recommended "doctor" was already working on a patient, she was assigned his assistant.

The assistant worked on her teeth and encouraged Aida to get the whitest teeth possible because the brightness would fade after two years and they would "look so good on you."


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After seeing how big the four bottom veneers were, the assistant assured Aida she would look normal after they were shaved down.

But the assistant ended up leaving as it was late, so the doctor came in to finish the procedure, during which he asked about her accent and if she was married.



When the doctor said he needed to take a break–after it'd been over two hours–he offered her to smoke shisha with him.

He also recommended Aida try Iranian fruit and left her alone at the clinic to go to the grocery store to get some for her.


The dentist returned, engaged in more conversation, and eventually asked Aida to marry him.

When she laughed it off, he remained serious about his attraction to her and asked "don't you find me attractive?" to which she said, "Please, just finish my teeth."

Still not satisfied with how her teeth looked, the doctor assured her, "don't worry, when I shave them down they would look so different."

When he was finished at 4 a.m., he handed Aida the mirror, and she was mortified by what she saw.


"You'll get used to it," he assured her, adding, "in one week you'll get used to that and on that week we could go out on our date."


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She said she wanted to cry but because it was so late, she wound up going home.

The next morning, she woke up to find the dental clinic had blocked her on Instagram. She called the clinic and asked why she was blocked and to see if she could return to have her veneers shaved down even further.

The doctor initially agreed, but when she arrived, he was unavailable.

Aida found herself being left with the assistant to work on her again.


Aida said she refused to have the assistant work on her veneers but she eventually relented and allowed her to continue.

While she was working, the assistant told her that the dentist was her fiancé.

After this discovery, Aida said she didn't dare mention the conversation she previously had with the doctor.

Said Aida:

“I don’t care about the drama. I just want my teeth fixed.”


She said her teeth still looked horrible when the assistant was finished.

Despite Aida wanting to avoid the drama, the assistant insisted on discussing her relationships on Instagram DM.

Aida said she later called the doctor, who discouraged her not to talk to the assistant because "she's crazy."

He also claimed the assistant was not engaged to him.


Fortunately, Aida was able to find a "really good doctor" after doing some research.

He acknowledged the poor work that was done on her teeth and was able to reshave them properly.

He told her that had she not come to fix the hack job, her bottom teeth would have literally fallen out in a couple of months due to the enormity of the veneers creating pressure on her other teeth.

However, he was not able to do anything about the veneer's brightness.

“That’s life. I’ll get used to it," said Aida.


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She later discovered after some research the previous dentist who wanted to marry her was still a student in college.

After a tough lesson learned, Aida had a message for her followers.

“In conclusion, don’t be stupid like me!"
"Think before you do things! Don’t do an Aida!”