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Viral Video Of Utah Teens In Prison Uniforms Wearing Blackface At Walmart Sparks Outrage

A video of a group of teenagers sporting prison uniforms and blackface inside a Cedar City Walmart has sparked outrage.

Viral Video Of Utah Teens In Prison Uniforms Wearing Blackface At Walmart Sparks Outrage

A TikTok clip featuring a group of teens donning blackface at a Walmart received widespread negative reactions online.

The viral footage seen by over a million viewers after circulating on various social media platforms showed three young patrons at the mega-retailer in Utah dressed for Halloween as prisoners.

Another individual in the group was wearing a police costume and wasn't in blackface.

But what drew major concern was the laughing reactions on social media with comments encouraging the stunt mocking Black people then chalking it up to regular teenage behavior.

A woman confronted the group saying:

"You guys are never going to get into a college, you guys are not going to get any scholarships because this is a hate crime."

You can see the TikTok shared on Twitter, below.

In response to the woman confronting the group in the video, one of the teens said:

"We all dropped out of high school. It's OK."

The response elicited laughter from other members of the group.

The woman continued:

"I still don't think it's appropriate for you guys to be doing this. It's really not funny."

Some reactions online were disturbing.

One user wrote:

"Karens in Walmart... Nothing new here. As for kids being kids, well... They're being kids on Halloween."

Another feigned ignorance.

"Why is it that offensive? I don't see the issue honestly."

Others continued downplaying the offensive display.

But others were outraged.

You can watch a news report, here.

TikTok Video Showing Teenagers Wearing Blackface in Cedar City Walmart Sparks

Another person off-camera–presumably an employee–can be heard instructing the teens to leave the store.

Walmart did say they had their employees tell the teens to leave the premises once they were apprised of the situation.

"We don't tolerate discrimination or demeaning behavior of any kind and are incredibly disappointed by what is shown in this video," said a spokesperson.

Cedar City Police Sergeant Justin Ludlow said the incident took place at the Cedar City store location on Halloween, and that an investigation was launched after a witness contacted the police department.

Although the Cedar City Police did not respond to the incident, Ludlow said resource officers will handle the investigation.

The department did indicate in a separate statement:

"Cedar City Police Department and Cedar City officials do not condone this type of activity."

Ludlow added the teens were not doing anything illegal since there was no apparent verbal threat or physical altercation based on the footage.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox issued a statement to The Daily Beast after the clip went viral, saying:

“We strongly condemn racism in all its forms and we call on every Utahn to reject such offensive stereotypes, slurs and attitudes. We must do better.”

According to a KSL news report, the Iron County School District is also investigating the incident.

The ICSD said they were "taking this matter seriously" and "will take appropriate action once that investigation is complete."

They added:

"Based on the information we have obtained, preliminary findings indicate the individuals in blackface are not students enrolled in Iron County schools."
"Our district and schools promote inclusiveness and acceptance and denounce all forms of discrimination and racism whether those actions are on campus or off campus, in person or online."

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, some costumes should be totally off-limits.

It's unsettling how some people think they can exploit the history of oppressed members in society for shock value or for laughs just because it's Halloween.

Last week, a grinning man in New York City entered a bar dressed in a Nazi uniform and was subsequently kicked out of the establishment after patrons lashed out.