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Utah Parents Of Kids Who Lost School Sporting Event Falsely Accuse Winner Of Being Trans

Utah Parents Of Kids Who Lost School Sporting Event Falsely Accuse Winner Of Being Trans
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Failure is a part of life, but some parents just can’t accept their kids will not always win.

Parents of the second and third place winners of an unnamed sport’s girls’ state-level competition out of Utah were apparently so baffled their daughters didn’t get first place, they actually questioned the first place winner’s gender.

The parents of the unnamed students lodged a formal complaint with the Utah High School Activities Association, accusing the unnamed winner of being transgender and assigned male at birth, instead of just accepting their kids weren’t the better athletes.

According to Desert News, UHSAA representative David Spatafore admitted the association entertained the accusation and followed through with a secret investigation, without consulting the accused student or their family.

The student’s school checked the records on the first place winner. She is a cisgender female—meaning her physical sex and assigned gender at birth matches her gender identity.

The incident happened last year. Spatafore has brought it up now after being asked how the UHSAA handles such complaints, following the passing of Utah’s HB11 law banning transgender girls from joining school sports teams that match their gender identity.

Spatafore also admitted they have gotten similar complaints before, including, “that female athlete doesn’t look feminine enough.”

People on Twitter discussed the anti-trans legislation, as well as the consequences of anti-trans rhetoric.

This particular incident is an example of jealous parents taking advantage of the law to undermine the better performing athlete.


LGBTQ Nation reported the families of two transgender girls attempted to challenge the ban back in June.

For now the transphobic Utah law stands.