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Usher And Keke Palmer Just Dropped A New Music Video Shading Her Son's Father After Outfit Drama

The singer's new music video for his single 'Boyfriend' stars Palmer—and heavily hints at her drama with Darius Jackson after she wore a 'revealing' outfit to Usher's concert.

Usher and Keke Palmer

When it comes to conflict, Keke Palmer's approach seems to be the good ol' "don't get mad, get even." And boy has she ever done so, without barely saying a word.

After her partner Darius Jackson publicly shamed her for the revealing outfit she wore to one of music star Usher's concerts, the actress and television personality's first order of business was to dump him, with barely a word spoken about it publicly.

After all, why speak about it publicly when you can instead just appear in a new music video with Usher—titled "Boyfriend," of course—drop it out of nowhere, and have the last laugh?

This is truly the stuff putting an ex in place is made of, and the internet is absolutely loving it. See Palmer and Usher's video below.

Usher - Boyfriend (Official Music Video)

That lyric, "Somebody said that your boyfriend’s looking for me, oh that’s cool," certainly seems pointed, doesn't it? Classic.

In true Keke Palmer form, she didn't even mention the controversy with her ex while dropping a clip from the video on Twitter. Instead it was all about her love for Usher and art in general.

The whole thing is a master class in taking the high road while still getting the last word, and... well, we simply have no choice but to stan.

And it's definitely worked. For his part, Jackson seems to have been knocked back on his heels, and he issued a statement to Peoplevia an unnamed source that seems intended to let everyone know he couldn't care less about all the drama with Palmer.

It all began when he publicly criticized Palmer on Twitter by quote-tweeting a photo from the Usher concert in which she wore a bodysuit beneath a sheer dress with the caption, "it's the outfit tho... you a mom." An uproar ensued, given the obvious sexism of the comment and the enormous legion of Palmer's fans.

Palmer and Usher's video even references the comment directly in the most hilariously shady way.

After the video dropped, Jackson's source told People that he has "moved on" from his dust-up with Palmer, however, and is focusing on his acting career, not the Usher video.

Of course, someone truly unbothered would have just said... nothing and kept it pushing, but to each his own!

On social media, people were definitely here for the way Palmer came out on top.

So to sum up, the final score is Keke Palmer: 113,098,710,498,234,000,000; Darius Jackson: -918,374,134. May the odds be ever in his favor.