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Turns Out You Can't Have A Barbecue On Someone's Tombstone Without People Getting Upset

Peter Howard/Facebook

I mean, listen, if I really want some hot dogs and hamburgers, nothing is going to stop me. Especially not some bologna about "You're desecrating my burial site" and "Oh god, oh god, what are they doing, that's where my Martin is buried." Get a grip, guys.

Just kidding! But clearly that was the mindset of this group of 3 adults and 7 children in West Yorkshire, UK, who decided to have an all out barbecue, using a tombstone as the grill.

Peter Howard/Facebook

Peter Howard/Facebook

A man and his wife happened to be walking by the area when they caught sight of the festivities. "Imagine [my] surprise to find three adults with about seven children enjoying a barbecue," the man, of Otley, England, said on Facebook.

Apparently, the matter is to be taken up by the Church Authority going forward.

Just remember, next time you go to have a banquet atop the tombstones of people you don't know, especially if you're planning to use one of those tombstones AS your grill, you might offend somebody accidentally.

H/T: LadBible, Facebook