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After U.N. Openly Laughs At Trump's Speech, He Claims He Actually Meant For It To Be A Joke 👀

Photo by Spencer Platt-Getty Images

Donald Trump gave a speech to the United Nations and was, quite literally, laughed at by the world. Now, true to form, he tries to take credit.

After an embarrassing display on the world stage, where the disgraced president attempted to brag about his administration accomplishing more than anyone ever in the whole history of America, he is now trying to play off his statements as a "joke" he expected to get a laugh. Even though he, again, quite literally, says:

"I didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay."

It all started with this remark.

Now it seems he claims being laughed at was intentional.

No one is buying that Trump intentionally meant to brag about himself and get a laugh.

As always there is a tweet.

People are picking up the clues.

Yikes! Perhaps it's best not to laugh.

But not laughing is rather hard. Can you blame us? Trump makes it so easy.

H/T: Mashable, Washington Post