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Trump Tried To Slam MSNBC For Their Mic Issues During Last Night's Debate, And Twitter Clapped Back Hard

Oliver Contreras/For The Washington Post via Getty Images // MSNBC // @eyes_jane/Twitter

Live television doesn't always go as planned. Just ask Ashlee Simpson.

So in the second hour of last night's Democratic presidential debate—when the microphones of the hosts from the first hour were left on, amplifying green room conversations over the debate questions—hosts and candidates alike shrugged and laughed before the network went to a break.

Watch below:

One person, however, wasn't laughing at all and took to Twitter to vent his frustration.

Three guesses who that was.

Yup, President Donald Trump seized upon the snafu to rail against MSNBC and NBC for its "fake news."

However, Trump has had his own gaffes both during debates and with microphones.

He famously got stuck in the hall with Ben Carson, failing to realize he was supposed to go to his debate podium.

He whined about his microphone after a debate with Hillary Clinton.

And who could forget the biggest hot mic fail in modern political history?

Donald Trump Makes Lewd Remarks About Women On Video | NBC News

So when Trump had the gall to rail against the network's microphones, people didn't hesitate to clap back.

Besides, as Trump learned firsthand, a hot mic gaffe isn't a deal-breaker when it comes to getting elected.

There's a certain kind of person people expect to vote for Donald Trump, whether they're real or not.

On July 21, Twitter user @malkatz asked internet users to do a fascinating thought experiment:

which fictional characters seem like they "absolutely voted for Trump."

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