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Trump Supporter's Rant About Racial Slur Being Used In Protesters' Song Sparks Violent Clash

Trump Supporter's Rant About Racial Slur Being Used In Protesters' Song Sparks Violent Clash
Eric Dolan/YouTube

In Massachusetts, a Trump MAGA rally became violent when one Trump supporter, a disgraced talk radio host, said the n-word to a group of protesters.

In a video of the incident, Dianna Ploss, who was recently fired from her position at WSMN-AM for racist behavior, filmed the protesters while they played "F*ck Trump," by YG and Nipsey Hussle in the background.

Ploss asked the protesters:

"Do you know that they use the word 'n*gga' in that song?"

Understandably shocked, the protesters expressed their disbelief at what Ploss said.

She then pretended not to know why she can't say the n-word.

"I just want to know, am I not allowed to say that word? It's in the song, it's in the song."

The protesters told Ploss that even small children understand why they shouldn't say the n-word.

A White young man supporting Donald Trump disagreed and all but confirmed he often says the n-word:

"Little White kids know not to say it? That's bullsh*t. Know how I know it's bullsh*t? Because they say it behind closed f'king doors. Yeah, they do. I bet half your f'king friends say it, too."

The groups continued to argue until a Trump supporter shoved a protester and the police split the two groups apart.

Ploss then said to the camera:

"So you see what's going on? They have a song that uses the n-word, but I can't say it."
"I can't say that word, even though it's in the song. How is that possible? You can't make this stuff up. You cannot make this stuff up. Look at these girls, triggered."

Ploss went on to say:

"I didn't realize that we had two sets of words for people. So if you're Black you can use the n-word, but if you're White you can't even use it in a sentence to talk about what's in a song."

President Trump's supporters continue to show they're just as "not racist" as he is.